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Make sure that you always have the right tools for the job. It's no use trying to eat a steak with a teaspoon, and a straw.

  • Anthony T. Hincks

The most effective teams are distraction free and lean. Not to be distracted by complicated tooling, or remembering daily to check the health of their services. They don’t have to log in to tens of different services to get work done, and they sure don’t need to manually release their products. The only thing they focus on is how to write beautiful code.

Lenticulate brings a wealth of hands-on experience and insight into automation and building tools for the most impactful processes. We work with your team to figure out what’s causing the most distractions and recommend best practices and tooling to help them become more effective.

A recent study led by Microsoft and DX shows that developers who find their tooling intuitive and easy-to-use report a 50% increase in innovation. Likewise, developers report a 42% increase in productivity when tooling and documentation improve the understanding of their codebase DevEx in Action: A study of its tangible impacts.

Operationally excellent

Operational excellence helps your team to focus more of their time on building new features that benefit customers, and less time on maintenance and firefighting.

All software has bugs, but operational excellence differentiates a good product from a great product. Lenticulate helps your team review their service design, identify problem areas for additional focus, design and build tooling to support the design, and recommend best-practices to improve response times during a customer issue.

Improving process

Processes can be a helpful means to ensure compliance with internal or external requirements. But rigidly and mindlessly following process will lead to a false sense of security, become a beaurocratic box-checking exercise, or grow in complexity to become a burden and stray from its original intent.

Lenticulate helps you identify and implement automation to improve enforcement and reduce time to compliance for the most essential process elements.

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